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June 7th - August 16th

The last day to log minutes and pick up prizes was Saturday August 16th. Thank you for participating!

The Top Ten Readers and Raffle winners will be contacted and the names posted soon.

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Roald Dahl
This book is a girl named Matilda Wormwood. She is a very smart five year old. She goes to school and finds out that the principal of her school (the trunchbull) is very mean. Somehow she finds out how to stop her.
The Chocalate Touch
This is a very good book in my perspective it is about a boy and everything that his mouth touches turns to chocalate and he cant get this magical thing to stop happening!
This is great book and I encourage you to read it!!!
Bambi is born in a forest. He wants to play in the Meadow, but it is very big and might not be safe. Bambi and Feline saw the big prince of the forest. There was a hunter and Bambi's mother was shot. Then Bambi went with the prince of the forest. The hunter set the forest on fire. They went across the water and were safe. When the prince got old, Bambi became the prince of the forest.
meet kirsten
It was great book ,but, it was very sad. I think that the main character named Kirsten was brave to move from Sweden all th way to America. I would recomend this book to all ages because in my opion it was exellent.